Twenty Sixteen.

DoUC are designers, we want to design everything….except our website, which you may have noticed was expertly neglected over the past few years. Long overdue, we finally have a new digital home for the studio.

Building a new website gave us the chance to look back at every piece of work we’ve been part of over the past five years, and to reflect on successes, passions and forgotten ideas. This trip down memory lane was fun, but was also the starting point for deciding where DoUC will be headed in the coming years.

Many of DoUC’s past projects have succeeded in using research, storytelling and visualizations to get people thinking and talking. In 2015, our spatial design for the park at Pine Beach in Keswick was completed—DoUC’s first permanent construction. With it came a new awareness of wanting to work with our strengths and experience in investigative thinking to affect change in the physical world. For 2016, DoUC is looking for more opportunities that use this thinking to create real and interesting solutions for our clients, partners and the public. We will not only design ‘things’, we will be part of the ongoing process to create programming and understand the social impacts of our designs.

While we’re excited for what’s ahead, we also know that our work is only possible because of the talent and enthusiasm of all those involved—our employees, partners, clients and collaborators. So to all those we’ve had the pleasure of working with—past, present and future—we thank you.

Stay tuned for more updates on projects, and if you happen to be in the neighbourhood come drop in for a coffee. We just got a new Bodum.


We are designers driven by curiosity, information and the human experience.


City of Experiences

As we enter the 21st century, the experience of life in the contemporary has surpassed the classic development models of the 20th century. We are living in the 50/50 (some might say 70/30), a fluid presence between the virtual and physical worlds. This is shaping alternative modes for how we exist, providing us with the potential to manage and create multiple realities and stories which influence how we want to be seen and understood. But how do we in turn adapt and understand ideologies, structures and systems in this new way of living, modifying the definition of cities to encompass the experiences of the invisible cities that extend beyond physical infrastructure?

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Pioneering Green Communities

The past two years of work with ReWilding and many of the communities around Lake Simcoe has been a huge opportunity for growth at DoUC. We’ve had the chance to contribute to exciting projects and activities, meet so many amazing people and most importantly, see the impact our designs have had on the community. These experiences have been rewarding for us in many ways, but it’s always nice (and humbling!) to receive some outside recognition.

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